Brand-Monitoring & Brand-Protection

A brand is often the most valuable asset of a corporation. Brand owners manage their brands carefully to create shareholder value, and  is an important management technique that ascribes a money value to a brand, and allows marketing investment to be managed (e.g.: prioritized across a portfolio of brands) to maximize shareholder value. Although only acquired brands appear on a company’s balance sheet, the notion of putting a value on a brand forces marketing leaders to be focused on long term stewardship of the brand and managing for value.


The 6th Sense for Brand-Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting on the Internet

Research, investigate, discover, identify, profile, monitor, analyze, structure, categorize, classify, tag, extract from big data sources like the internet or corporate databases.

Thank´s to Semantic Internet Technologies

Product and brand piracy increasingly becomes a serious threat not only for consumer-goods companies. The economic damage is difficult to quantify, not least because of a high number of unreported cases. BlueOcean has declared war on counterfeiters and trademark infringement by using modern semantic web solutions which offers the highest level for track of unlawfully used trademark rights in the internet. …

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